Due to covid a lot of our policies have been put on hold including, but not limited to, free trial classes and make up classes. We are slowly bringing back policies as our staffing levels and schedule allows. Please bare with us during this transition.

Registration Fees

Annual Registration Fee: $40/family – (will restart 8/1/21 for all families)

Free Trial Class

Currently on hold. Enrollment is a minimum of one month. We hope to off free trial classes again later in 2021 as our office staff is back to normal levels.

Make Up Classes

Currently on hold. Will return soon.

Dress Code

We do not have a set dress code for these age groups. We do recommend wearing clothing that is easy to move in and stretch. Leggings, leotards, tights, are great, but not required. We do require the proper footwear if you plan on participating in our recitals. 

Cancellation Policy

We require a 30 day notice to stop billing. Should your 30 days carry you into the next month of classes, we will prorate your final month of tuition to match the number of classes taken. Cancellation needs to be done through our online cancellation form or by contacting our office. Telling your teacher during, before, or after class does not count as notice. 

Additional Billing Policies

Holidays are built into the tuition schedule. Some months you may have 3 classes, and we will not charge less. Some months you may have 5 classes and we won’t charge you more. The class average for the year works out to 4 classes per month.