Tuition & Fees

Current rate through April, 2019

  • One 30 min Class = $44/month
  • One 45 min Class = $59/month
  • One 60 min Class = $74/month

Our tuition rates as of May, 2019

  • One 30 min Class = $55/month
  • One 45 min Class = $70/month
  • One 60 min Class = $80/month

There is a $25 yearly registration fee per family. This fee will be assessed on your anniversary month each year you are enrolled. If you drop and return after your anniversary date it will be charged again.

Small Fry accepts Visa, MasterCard, Checks, or Cash
Tuition is due the 1st of each month. Credits cards can be setup on our auto pay system. Should the 1st of the month land on a weekend on holiday, we will process the charge on the previous business day.

Tuition is considered late on the 6th of each month. If tuition is late, a $10 fee will be added to your account.

Returned check fee is $10. If a returned check results in a late payment both the late fee and returned check fee will apply.

If your tuition falls 2 months behind, your child will not be brought to class at preschools or may not participate at the studio(s).

We do not prorate tuition for isolated absences or vacations. Tuition is based on an average of 4 classes per month for the year. Holidays are built into the tuition schedule.

If a particular month only has 3 classes we will not charge you less. Just like if a particular month has 5 classes we would not charge you more.

We do prorate your first and last month if starting or ending our program mid-month. We will also credit accounts should have have to cancel a class due to teacher absence.

Cancellation Policy

We require 30 days notice when stopping enrollment and billing. You may use our CANCELLATION FORM online. A member of our staff will send you a confirmation with all the final details.

We will bill your account 30 days from when we receive the notice. If your final day lands in the middle of a month, we do prorate your final bill.

You must inform our office! Telling your weekly dance teacher about a withdrawal is not sufficient. Our teachers are in teaching mode during class and are not prepared to take notes back to the office.

We are separate from your school! Telling your school is not sufficient as we are not affiliated with your school and they may not pass along the message. We teach at over 20 locations, and each school functions differently. They do not tell us when a student is leaving their center in advance. It is your responsibility to tell us if you are leaving your center. Your preschool director does not inform us of enrollment or your personal schedule changes.

No Exceptions! Out of fairness to all families we do not waive the 30 day notice. Please plan ahead.

Outstanding Balances

If your account falls 2 months behind we will contact you to make sure you are aware of the situation and create a payment plan. If accounts fall more than 2 months behind, we will remove your dancer from the class. Dancers may return when account is up to date.

If the payment deadlines are not met with in 30 days we will send the tuition bill to a third party debt collector.

If you ignore the final tuition payment (withdrawal period) we will also send the owed balance to a third party debt collector as you are required to agree to this withdrawal policy before participating in our program.

Makeups/Schedule Changes

Make ups for holiday closures – Only selected holidays on days that fall below the class average (4 in a month / 48 total for the year) will be eligible for a make-up class.  We will include a note on closure reminders as to which holidays warrant a make-up visit.  You will have 3 weeks to use your holiday make up time and then it will expire.  We will invite you to use the make ups at times where the lesson planning and show deadlines are more flexible and allow for a less consistent class group.

Make up classes for isolated absences – (illness, vacations, other extracurricular activities, school functions) are limited to 1 make up class per quarter per dancer.  4 maximum for the calendar year.  These do carry over from quarter to quarter but reset at the end of the year. Once the year ends the time expires.

While rare, sometimes permanent schedule changes are necessary. They may need to change based on our staff availability and in some instances by the preschool’s available space. In these cases we will try to give you at least a few weeks of notice before the change takes place. In some cases it may be out of our control.

Schedule changes at the studio are even more rare. We have made minimal changes to the set classes over the past few years.

Extended Absences

To hold your spot during a break or vacation you must continue paying monthly tuition.
We do allow make up classes upon your return. We cannot hold your spot while you are gone without payment. (No Prorating)

If you are intending to drop class because of an extended absence, and there is a waiting list at your school, you will be expected to wait for the next available position upon your return.

Wait Lists

In the event the class(es) you select is full you will be placed on our wait lists. Wait list order is determined by when we receive your registration form online. Families that are enrolled get priority on wait lists. This means if you are not enrolled there is a possibility of you getting bumped down the list if a family that is enrolled requests the same time slot. You will receive the same priority once you are in the program.

You are allowed to be on up to 3 wait lists at one time. We will email you 1 week prior to the spot becoming available to confirm you are still interested. If we do not get a reply before the deadline given in the email we will offer the spot to the next family in line, and remove you from the wait list.

Please be sure to add us to your safe sender lists so we do not end up in your spam folder. info@smallfrydanceclub.com

Studio Rules


  • Arrive on time. As much as you can with a toddler (lol) The first few minutes of each class we perform our “brain dance” which helps the kids focus and be ready to move. Missing that period of class can result in a more stressful class for both you and your dancer.
  • Dress code. Our dress codes do not apply until age 5 when they graduate from Small Fry and move up to the Principal Arts classes. We do recommend wearing comfortable clothing, preferably no jeans. 
  • Water. You are welcome to bring a water bottle with you into class.
  • Restroom Breaks. Please have your dancer go to the restroom prior to class. If you need to take your little one to the restroom during class, you may do so at anytime.


  • Noise/Distractions.  Please be mindful of classes. Keep noise levels and distractions to a minimum for our dancers.
  • Two Way Glass. Our lobby windows are two way mirrors. We dim the light slighlty in the lobby so that dancers cannot see out, but you can see in. It’s a happy medium that still allows you to watch without distracting the students.
  • Siblings. Please keep an eye on younger siblings. Be mindful of others in the lobby as well as our neighbors when walking down the halls. Try to keep noise to a minimum. There should not be any unsupervised children in the hallways or lobby areas.
  • Windows and Doors. We know it’s tempting for little ones to bang on the windows and doors. As much as possible, please keep them from doing so for their safety, and for the sake of the class.
  • Food and Drinks. You are welcome to eat and drink in the lobby. Please clean up after yourself. We do not allow food or drink (except water) in the studios.
  • Furniture. Please do not move the furniture. If you do, please move it back where you found it before leaving area.
  • No Blocking Walkways. There are natural  walkways created by the placement of our chairs. The fire deparment asked that we keep the areas in front of the doors and window clear for fire safety. DO NOT PULL YOUR CHAIR UP TO THE WINDOWS.
  • Be Respectful Of Building. We are one of many tenants/businesses in the building. This includes both a State Senator, and State Assembly person, as well as our landlord. Please be respecftul of the building/parking rules. When walking down hallways please keep noise to a minimum. We want to keep a good working relationship with our neighbors and landlord.
Dance Dress Code

Music & Movement: No specific dress code. Please wear loose fitting clothing that allow dancers to move and stretch. Shoes or socks are both allowed.

Dance & Performance: No specific dress code. Please wear loose fitting clothing that allow dancers to move and stretch. Dance clothing is allowed and encouraged but not required. Ballet slippers and tap shoes are also optional. If you are scheduled to perform in an upcoming performance, a specific type of dance shoe might be required.

Parent Observation/Participation

PRESCHOOLS: Parents are allowed and encouraged to watch class. When observing a class parents are not allowed to give corrections. Please be respectful of the class and the teacher. You will get the most accurate picture of their participation and weekly patterns if you can watch without your dancer noticing your presence. Please do not stay for extended periods of time or for the entire class on a weekly basis as it may affect the quality of the class. Too many visits or too many adults can also create a space issue at some centers.

STUDIO/PUBLIC LOCATIONS: Parents are allowed and encouraged to watch class. When observing a class parents are not allowed to give corrections, especially once then get into the 3-5yr old classes. Please be respectful of the class and the teacher. Hold all questions for before or after classes. In some cases the teacher might have back to back classes, please be mindful of this. You may always email your teacher, their contact information is on our Staff Page, CLICK HERE


Progression to dancer participating independently
Music and Movement classes require a parent or a caretaker to move with the dancer.

Dance and Performance classes for ages 2-4 have flexible parent involvement guidelines. Parents may dance with their child, watch on the side of the dance space, or watch from the lobby.

Studio Dance and Performance classes for age 3-5 require that the dancers participate in class independently. This does include the initial visit and any transition needs. No parents in the dance space during 3-5 year old classes.

Creative Movement
There are times when the teacher purposely DOES NOT want the dancer to follow what they are doing. In fact the exercise may call for the dancers leading the teacher. Please trust our curriculum and lesson planning. Exercises defined as creative or free really are meant to have no “wrong” responses. As teachers of early childhood ages we look for anything extreme and try to challenge or balance/counterbalance that comfortable place. For example, if a child is very comfortable with structure we may challenge them to create their own dance.

Shoe Exchange

Donate or Borrow Shoes – FREE!

Small Fry Dance Club has setup a Shoe Exchange Program. This means that ANY student enrolled in our classes can request a free pair of dance shoes. The shoes we carry are gently worn and given to us by students that have outgrown their dance shoes, or have dropped from the program. We can’t guarantee we will have your size in our inventory, but if we have a pair that fits they are yours.

If you would like to donate your dance shoes, old or new, or to request a pair of shoes, please email us. Shoes@smallfrydanceclub.com We will check our inventory and get back to you soon.