Upcoming Performance Information


Our performances are the culmination of the previous 6 months of instruction. It is your dancer’s chance to show off everything they have been learning in class. We are holding our next performance at Zohar School of Dance in Palo Alto, CA.  This will be a scaled-back version of our usual performances, but it’s a big step towards getting back to normal.

Please note participating in the show is optional, but very fun!

Upcoming Performance

Spring Ballet Performance
“You are My Sunshine”
Saturday June 18, 2022
Zohar School of Dance
Palo, Alto, CA

Show Times Information

5:30pm | Show #1 | 25 spots
Studio D&P dancers eligible for this hour
Christa leading
Guest performance – PCPA Soloists

6:30pm | Show # 2 | 25 spots
Studio D&P dancers eligible for this hour
Sarah leading
Guest performance – PCPA soloists

Important Dates

Performance Participation Registration Open:
Late show Registration (add $10 to fee):
Registration closed:
Extra Tickets on sale:
Tickets available for pickup:
Show Day!
2/1/22 – 4/30/22
5/1/22 – 5/7/22 @5PM
5/7/22 @ 5PM
Monday 5/16/22
Monday 5/30/22
Saturday 6/18/22

Please note participating in the show is optional, but very fun!

Shows do fill up.  Once a show hour reaches 25 performers, we will close the registration. Please note we will have less flexibility on switching show hours closer to the performance this season. Due to supply chain issues, the female dancers will wear different color costume items. Male costume specifications will be the same for both showtimes. 

Participation Fee – $70.00 per performer

  • 2 Family tickets (your dancer does not need a ticket)
  • Student participation
  • Show programs
  • Small Fry performance patch


Female & Male Performers (examples will be emailed once registered)

  • Please plan and prep your own costume for this show.
  • 5:30pm SHOW FEMALE DANCERS: will wear ballet attire but all items should be ballet pink and solid (no prints, writing, or logos please) Texture can work and have the group still looking unified. 

  • 5:30pm and 6:30pm SHOW MALE DANCERS white cap sleeve leotard, black leggings

  • 6:30pm SHOW FEMALE DANCERS:  will wear ballet attire but all items should be light blue and solid (no prints, writing, or logos please) Texture can work and have the group still looking unified. Females in the 6:30pm planning for light blue ballet items can and should wear ballet pink tights and have pink leather ballet slippers.

  • Examples could include leotard, tights, tutu, legwarmers, warm up sweater, sheer ballet skirt, ballet dress with the skirt attached. Leotards can be tank, spaghetti strap, long sleeve, etc. The silhouette is your choice.  Please follow the color for your designated show hour. 

  • Please weigh the safety and distraction potential for your selection.  Otherwise let your creative juices flow! 


  • All female performers: pink leather ballet slippers
  • All male performers: black leather ballet slippers

Hair and Makeup

  • All female performers: Bun
  • All male performers: Combed neatly, fresh cut


Please prep a child-size mask for your dancer that matches the color they are wearing on their upper body. For example, male dancers should wear a white mask. Female dancers in the 5:30pm show should wear a ballet pink or light pink mask. Females in the 6:30pm show wear a light blue mask. 

We will follow all local/state mask mandates at the time of the performance. Should mask requirements change, we will let you know.


Please note, failure to follow costume and footwear requirements will result in ineligibility for participation in future shows.  If you have any questions, please ask.

This is a great learning experience for the Small Fry’s.  Our rules and requirements are in place for safety, confident and comfortable dancers, and reinforcement of classroom curriculum.  Please trust our guidance as professional teachers and dancers. We want your children to have a wonderful experience and the details count!       


We highly recommend visiting Dance Theatre shop in downtown San Mateo to purchase your costume items. We are in contact with them on specific requirements for each hour and they will be able to help guide you in the right direction. 

San Mateo location
414 S. Ellsworth Ave.
Tues. – Fri. 10am – 5:30pm
Sat. 10am – 4:30pm
Sun. and Mon. Closed
(They do also have a Mountain View location)

Extra tickets – $12 each PRESALE / $12 day of the show (space permitted)

  • Each family will receive 2 tickets with their performance fee.
  • Your dancer does not need a ticket.
  • Extra tickets – $12 each
  • Extra tickets will go on sale Monday 5/16/22 
  • Extra tickets are first come first serve, must be paid for in advance, and are non- refundable.
  • We will create an online form for extra tickets sales.  The link to the extra ticket form will be live as of 5/16/22 at 10am. We will email the link to show families.
  • Each dancer will be able to have 2 guests in the audience; two tickets are included and you may request 1-2 extra at the appropriate time if you need them. (enrollment numbers will designate how much space/availability we have for extra tickets. Details will be announced in May)

Show Photos

Jeremy Fratkin of Fratkin studios will be at the show to catch your tiny dancer in action! These photos will be available online in a private Small Fry Gallery.  We encourage you to view and purchase performance pictures of your Small Fry!  Photography details will be emailed to performance families during the weeks following the performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

My dancer has never been on stage before. What can I expect?
Our performances are a wonderful, stress-free way to introduce your dancer to theatre and stage. The experience will build their confidence and give them a better understanding of what to expect as they progress to older programs. The dancers will be lead by up to 5 teachers on stage, and will always have someone close by to help. While every dancer will react differently to being on stage, the majority of the kids (and parents) have a great experience.

How long are the performances?
Each performance lasts about 30 minutes.

How many dancers are on stage at once?
We allow a maximum of 25 dancers on stage per showtime.

Are there extra rehearsals outside of class?
No. All preparations for the performance will happen in class.

What are the current covid protocols at the venue?
The performance venue currently requires all performers, audience, and staff to be fully vaccinated (if age eligible) to participate in the shows.  We will be checking vaccine cards at the entrance. Masks are also required for all. These rules are subject to change (and we expect they will) and we will keep you posted if things change between now and the show date.