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Small Fry Dance Club’s mission is to instill a love of dance in children, their family, and their community. It’s the first step in what could be a long and fulfilling 

Our Mission

Small Fry Dance Club’s mission is to instill a love of dance in children, their family, and their community. Each dancer will be challenged to strengthen their body awareness, spatial awareness, flexibility, balance, creativity, movement technique, and appreciation of the performing and creative arts.

Upcoming Performances

“Get Silly” Hip Hop Performance

Registration for our June Performance is now open! You still have time to get into a class to be eligible to participate. Our performances are specifically designed to be stress-free for you and your dancers. 

Our performances are the culmination of everything the dancers have learned in class the previous 6 months. They are loads of fun and in our opinion, the cutest dance recitals on the planet!

WHAT: “Get Silly” Spring Hip Hop Performance
WHEN: June 10, 2023 – 2 Show Times To Choose From
WHERE: Zohar Dance School in Palo Alto, CA 

Latest News

New Classes at Learning Links Palo Alto

We are super excited to announce that we are starting new classes at Learning Links Palo Alto this June! Teacher Stephanie will be leading those classes for us. We have worked at other Learning Links locations in the past, and are happy to be back. Can’t wait to meet you all!

Happy Dancer

Who We Are

Small Fry Dance Club was founded in 2007 by Jana & Carlos Chapeton. Since then we have taught over 5000 dancers throughout the Bay Area. We have a highly trained, and well educated staff that specializes in working with the preschool age group.

Boy Tap Dancer

What We Do

Our program is designed to be a survey style class where dancers will get to experience a variety of dance styles. Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, and Tap are the 5 types of dance we rotate through, one every 6 months. This is a great way to build a foundation and learn which styles your dancer likes before moving up to our PCPA program.

Ballerina On Stage

Why You Should Dance Here

We have created a welcoming, friendly, and supportive community of dancers, parents, and teachers. Many of our dancers started in Small Fry at 18 months of age, and are still dancing with us through our PCPA program as teens. We are a large studio, with a small family feel. It truly is a wonderful studio for your dancer to grow, develop, and explore their talents.


Small Fry Dance Club got it’s start in preschool classrooms across the Bay Area. We are still traveling to preschools on a weekly basis and teach students from San Francisco to San Jose. If you are a preschool director looking for to add to your extra curricular offerings, or a parent that would like to recommend us, we would love to talk to you! We can work with smaller independent preschools and large corporate partners alike.

Email us: info@smallfrydanceclub.com and let us know you want us to come to your school!

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