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Please contact:
Carlos Chapeton – Owner

Please contact:
Laura Van Dyke: NJ Area Instructor / Director of Ballet
Thank you for your interest in our classes. You are on the first step to bringing our award winning classes to your school!

Thank you!

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  • We would need some lead in time to ensure we have a staff member available at the times you request. We would also wants a few weeks of lead in time to promote the classes to your families, and give them time to register.
  • Typically we like to have parents register through us on our website(s), and we manage all the accounts. They would pay the regular tuition rates. In some cases preschools prefer to handle enrollment and pay us directly. Rates will vary depending on the setup.
  • We would like to reward the family that recommended us to you. Please let us know who referred us so we can give them a little prize. 🙂
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