Small Fry Dance Club Performances

Every June and December, Small Fry Dance Club offers our dancers in the Dance & Performance levels to take the stage at the Cubberley Community Theatre in Palo Alto, Ca. It’s the first time on stage for many of our dancers. We offer a unique experience that is age appropriate for the dancers, and fun for the whole family. 

Extra Tickets on Sale: 11/13
Show Day: 12/16/17



Each June and December our Small Frys have the opportunity to take the stage and show off what they have been working on in class. Our performances are designed to be stress free for both your dancer and the entire family. Your dancers will be on stage for the entirety of the performance, which will last roughly 30 minutes. It’s a great way to expose your little one to the stage and boost their confidence!

Important Dates

Performance Participation Registration Open:
Late show Registration (add $10 to fee):
Registration closed:
Extra Tickets on sale:
Preschool tickets mailed home:
Show Day!:
9/13/17 – 11/1/17
11/2/17 – 11/8/17 @ 5:00pm
11/8/17 @ 5:00pm 
Monday 11/13/17
Friday 12/1/17 
Saturday 12/16/17

Please note participating in the show is optional, and you must sign up separate from class. If you are new to the program and just missed out on the current show, don’t worry, the next show will roll around in June 2018. Sign ups will take place in Feb/Mar 2018.

Cubberley Community Center – Theatre – Main stage
4000 Middlefield Road, T-2 (Main Entrance)
Palo Alto, CA 94303

$70 per performer
2 Family tickets (your dancer does not need a ticket
Student participation
Show programs
Small Fry performance patch

2:00 PM SHOW
Assigned Schools:
Studio weekday
Christa leading
Guest performance – PCPA Soloist

3:00 PM SHOW 
Assigned Schools:
Bright Horizons Gilead / Merry Moppet / CCLC Shores
Lizzie leading
Guest performance – PCPA Soloist

4:15 PM SHOW 
Assigned Schools:
CCLC EA / Learning Links / CCLC Cisco
Stephanie leading
Guest performance – PCPA Soloist

5:15 PM SHOW 
Assigned Schools:
Studio weekend
Yao leading
Guest performance – PCPA soloist

6:15 PM SHOW 
Happy Campers / Kids Connection / Papillon
Tracy leading
Guest performance – PCPA soloist 

General Tap Performance Curriculum Notes:

Our performance curriculum for Dance and Performance classes (45 and 60 minute classes) will be focused on tap from now through the end of December.

While tap shoes are not required for class, all dancers will be exposed to tap basics more heavily during the Fall and Winter months.  Keep in mind, tap shoes are required for the December show.  Typically, we will use tap shoes for the first half of class and change to ballet slippers for the second half of class.  Please continue to bring your ballet slippers to class each week.  The tap shoes should be black.  The style is your choice. 

Some additional reminders, tap shoes are more difficult, and take more time, to break in.  Purchasing tap shoes right before the show is not the best plan.  I recommend at least a month of practice time to break them in.  Also, many of the tap steps will be easier for your Small Fry to execute if they have tap shoes.  In case you practice at home, tap shoes can be very slippery on tile floors and will damage hard wood.  You can spray the bottom of your child’s tap shoes with hair spray to create some traction if need be. 

I recommend visiting Dance Theatre Shop to purchase tap shoes. We also have the shoe exchange program up and running.  You can email to check in on available styles and sizes. Consignment stores sometimes have gently used shoes as well.  

For the tap performances, we have families build their own costume at home. Our theme for this show will be Penguin / Tuxedo theme and all costume items should be black and white.  We have included some pictures for examples (Scroll To Bottom Of Page). If you have items you are unsure of you can send us a photo and we’d be happy to give individual feedback. Please no logos or writing. 

All performers must wear tap shoes. Shiny dress shoes are not allowed.  Tap shoes must be black.  The style is your choice.  We recommend purchasing tap shoes sometime in October or November as your dancer will need time to practice in the shoes and also break them in.

Hair and Make up
Hairstyle for this show is up to you and your dancer.  We do recommend pulling hair back, away from the face.  Wearing make up to the show is also up to you and your dancer.  It is common to enhance features so dancers can be seen on stage.   For example; lips and blush.  You can decide as a family when you want to add this element.   


Please note, failure to follow costume and footwear requirements will result in ineligibility for participation in future shows.  If you have any questions please ask.

This is a great learning experience for the Small Fry’s.  Our rules and requirements are in place for safety, confident and comfortable dancers, and reinforcement of classroom curriculum.  Please trust our guidance as professional teachers and dancers. We want your children to have a wonderful experience and the details count!           

Dance Theatre Shop
309 South B Street
San Mateo, CA94401
(650) 340-7066
M-F 10am – 6pm / Sat: 10am – 5pm
982 El Monte Avenue
Mountain View, CA 94040
(650) 965 – 7066
T – F 10am – 6pm / Sat: 10am – 5pm

Extra tickets – $10 each PRESALE / $12 day of the show
Each family will receive 2 tickets with their performance fee. 
Extra tickets – $10 each during presale dates (11/13/17 – 12/15/17)
Extra tickets will go on sale Monday 11/13/17
Extra tickets are first come first serve, must be paid for in advance, and are non- refundable.
Extra tickets are limited, and shows do sell out.
We will create an online form for extra tickets sales.  The link to the extra ticket form will be live as of 11/13/17.

Topher Simon Photography
Topher Simon photography will be at the show taking professional shots of your dancer in action.  These photos will be available online in a private Small Fry Gallery.  We encourage you to view and purchase performance pictures of your Small Fry!  Photography details will be emailed to performance families during the weeks following the performance.

Costume Ideas For December Performance

We hope you may have enough in your closets to come up with a cute outfit. You can keep it simple as long as it matches the color theme.

Need a dance class but not under age 5? PCPA is our dance program for ages 5 to adults.

PCPA is a creative and performing arts program that requires dancers to be both athletes and artists. Our ultimate goal is to instill dance intensity and drive inspired by much more than trophies and sequins. We believe in building strong fundamentals, technique, and discipline through dance training and performance experience. You can count on building a respect and love for dance whether you are training for personal or professional goals.