Small Fry Dance Club – 9 year anniversary!

From a one woman show to a staff of teachers, and over 1000 enrolled students at over 10 locations, Small Fry Dance Club has become a household name among young Bay Area families. As may of you know Jana founded SFDC back in 2007 as an on-site extra curricular dance program at local preschools. She started with a handful of schools, and not many students. Over time we have expanded to new locations, added staff members, opened our first public dance studio, and then moved to our new bigger location in San Mateo, CA. 

To date we have taught over 5000 dancers, at over 30 locations all over the Bay Area. We work with smaller independent preschools, and larger corporate preschools that serve companies like Oracle, Electronic Arts, Cisco, Gilead, and Pixar. Two years ago we added new age groups past the age of 5, and launched a new program Principal Creative & Performing Arts. PCPA has now started to grow as Small Frys graduate and move up to the older levels. We have also added Adult Dance classes in an effort to provide quality, professional dance classes for adults outside of the big cities like San Francisco, and Oakland. 

Our goal over the next few years will remain the same as it’s always been. To provide the highest quality dance classes to Bay Area families. We will apply everything we have learned to continue to grow both programs. We will also learn a lot as we get into the older age groups with PCPA. We expect to see more 5-7, 8-12, and eventually more Teen level classes on our schedules as the kids in the program grow older. 

For Small Fry, we can expect to try and expand to new areas, bringing our classes to new families in other parts of the Bay Area. All this will come with time. We will continue to work hard, and keep our focus. Never getting so big that we lose touch of what matters most, our dancers.

We appreciate all our families, and all the loyalty you have shown us over the years. Thank you for all the reviews, for voting for us and helping us win countless awards, and all your compliments both for our staff, and the program in general. Some of our oldest PCPA dancers have been dancing with us since they were 18 months old! We love that, and we know we will see that happening more and more as time goes on. Our staff all have favorite memories over the years. From kids saying funny things in class, to other overcoming their fears and performing on stage.

That is why we love our jobs! Thank you for all the support over the years!

Jana, Carlos, and the Small Fry Dance Club/Principal Arts Staff