Alyssandra will be teaching for us in both the Small Fry Dance Club, and Principal Arts programs.

Alyssandra was originally introduced to dance at the age of 4 to help her improve her flexibility as a competitive figure skater. Since then, she has trained extensively in Chinese ethnic, ballet, and modern dance—traveling the world to train in programs in Guangzhou, Beijing, Taipei, and London. Currently, she holds a B.A. from the University of California Los Angeles in World Arts & Culture/Dance and a M.A. from London Contemporary Dance School. She has danced for nationally/internationally renowned choreographers Victoria Marks, Cheng-Chieh Yu, Bih-Tau Sung, Yao Yong, Michel Kouakou, Ros Warby, Jorge Crecis, & Darren Ellis. She has also danced in works by internationally recognized dance companies Richard Alston, Scottish Dance Theatre, Candoco, AXIS, & Tilted.
Most notably, Alyssandra has had major success in her choreographic career—having been listed as one of the most promising emerging choreographers of 2015 on Her works have been toured around the United Kingdom and met with great praise by audiences and critics alike.

Besides dance, Alyssandra has a great interest in disability studies and focuses working with physically disabled dancers. Her interest in this field has led her to intern with Bay Area’s AXIS Dance Company—a dance organization for disabled and non disabled dancers.

Being someone who loves helping others develops motor control and greater range in movement, Alyssandra is very excited to help children take their dance ability to greater heights.